Welcome to couchsurfing! We are going to write this post in English so our couchsurfers friends can be part of if.

Couchsurfing is a website ( that allows people to stay as guests in someone's house or to host in your own place. 

In the registration, you put your personal information like: name, age, work, study, interests, places you've visited...

People can contact you based on similar interests and also on your references from other couchsurfers. 

Taiane already had a profile since 2011 and I've created mine last year. As soon as our profiles were created/updated, we received a lot of requests. So we chose the ones that we liked the most. We were so excited, that we had couchsurfers in our house for the whole month of October!

We were a little nervous in the beginning since this type of arrangement is not very common in Brazil and people are raised to be afraid of everything and everyone. But we decided to give it a shot!

Well, it was really worth it!! We received amazing people at our place and had the best time together. They came from all over the world: Brazil (Jarbas and Rodrigo), England (Ryan), India (Atul), Russia (Kseniya), Denmark (Naja), Germany (Alex and Lea), Slovakia (Martin and Katarina) and Venezuela (Lorena and her mother).

We discovered so many interesting things about their lives and their countries. They told us a lot of great traveling stories and were very happy to hear ours. We were able to give them a lot of inside tips about Rio de Janeiro!

Now it was our turn to become guests and we decided to ask for places to stay in each city that we've visited. We were very very very lucky with our hosts. We met some of the most amazing people that one can find. Beate, Lena, Gregor, Laura, Soph, Elias, Florian, Stefanie, Eugenia, Philipp, Julia, Max, little Milan (the cutest kid ever), Claudia, Uli, Verena, Mint, Stephan, Lisa, Jean Philip, Pierre...


They made us feel like we were home! Preparing us breakfast and dinner, giving us the keys to their places, going out to shows us the city, accepting our last minute requests, giving up their own room for us to sleep in, picking us up, introducing us to their friends and family, sharing their stuff, looking after us, going out of their way to show us beautiful places. 

We made new friends and shared some amazing stories, that really changed the way we see things and people. 

The reason I am writing this post, is to encourage people to try couchsurfing! We were afraid and skeptical in the beginning, but now we see how wonderful this experience has been!

Thank you all for being part of it! It has been amazing :)

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